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the horned serpent

the horned serpent

The horned serpent has fascinated me since I was but a wee pagan, and its associations with Cernunnos, regeneration, and abundance have only helped its image in my eyes. I’ve doodled horned and antlered snakes for well over a decade, and it was only a matter of time before they showed up in my newer forms of art.

The above is a slice of tagua, vegetable ivory, a renewable resource and durable material for jewelry and other uses. The horned (well, antlered) serpent upon it is woodburned, freehand.

There may be an entire series of these to come. :)

PSA: Did you know I’m a commissionable artist? If you’re interested, you can drop me an email at itenumuti at gmail or find me at my Etsy shoppe, Mythic Curios.

offerings for Set, Lord of the Oasis

offerings for Set, Lord of the Oasis

Yesterday and today were one of Set’s rare feasts from historical calendars, so I’d like to compile a few links to offerings created by others, then add one of my own.

From my multitalented sister Saryt (Ekunyi) come two songs for Set, her Father: Dua Set and Walk Forth In Strength.

From amazing beadworker Mortira comes a stunning Set-inspired piece called Desert Fringe, which is part of a whole series of beadwork inspired by the Netjeru.

From noted sculptor Nicolas of Shadow of the Sphinx is a lovely Set votive (scroll down to see the photos).

(Please note that I don’t mean to imply that either Mortira or Nicolas are Kemetic; I simply wish to share their gorgeous work here.)

In the past, I’ve wound up making quite a few little things for Set, including god dice, mini-hieroglyph paintings, a larger painting with Him and Bast, and most recently, a necklace with a double-sided woodburned tagua pendant. My partner J even made Set-inspired guitar dangles. (This is what happens when artists have siblings who like Set…)

Lastly, from myself comes a new offering for the Lord of the Oasis on this, His feasting day:

Dua Set, mighty in the prow of Ra’s barque!
Strike down the bastard snake and spill the blood of dawn.
Whet your blade on Uncreation’s glittering scales
until only ma’at is left, pure and proven.
Tear down the broken pieces in a maelstrom,
and we will grow anew on ash-fertile fields.
Isfet will not stop us, nor challenge, nor scars.
Your legacy burns in strong shoulders and steady eyes.
Dua Set, strongest of the gods, lord of storms!

jade for the dragon

jade for the dragon

My boss brought me back a solid metal dragon from Singapore, about six inches long and three tall. (Bonuses of working for a global travel company. :D) It is gorgeous, and I know very little about Chinese dragons, so I looked up appropriate offerings. Whether or not there’s a spirit associated with the statue, I felt the urge to give offerings as a token of respect and welcome—and being pagan, being polytheist, I tend to heed such urges.

After some cursory research, I collected seven Malaysian jade beads and three gold freshwater pearls (both numbers specifically chosen to be culturally-positive). Malaysia contributes quite a bit of culture to Singapore, as does China, so offering a Singapore dragon Malaysian jade seemed particularly fitting. :)

He’s so handsome:

PBP Fridays: W is for Wepwawet

PBP Fridays: W is for Wepwawet

This will not be an in-depth academic post: for solid and detailed information on Wepwawet, please check out

Much earlier this year, I made a tentative list of blog post ideas for every letter, and my first W was “Wepwawet?” because, at the time, I hadn’t built a relationship with Him… but past-me hoped that 2013 would change that. Happily, past-me was right.

As I recently wrote, I got to know Wepwawet over a tenday. Depicted as a standing jackal or a jackal-headed man, Wepwawet is the Opener of the Way, in life and in death, in peace and in strife. He is strong and solar, chthonic and liminal, powerful and subtle. I admire Him greatly and no longer restrain myself from offering up adorations and time each day for tea with Him.

Over the course of the tenday with Wepwawet, the first request he made of me, firmly and enthusiastically, was a painting. It was grueling and challenging, and it took far longer than I’d expected, but when it was finished, I was—and am still—pleased with it:

Dua Wepwawet, Lord of the Duat, Opener of the Way!

This post brought to you by the Pagan Blog Project.

A Mythic Curios Giveaway

A Mythic Curios Giveaway

Many of you know that I paint and make jewelry, often Kemetic in nature, on the side. If you’ve any interest in such shiny objects, you might like to know that there is a weekend giveaway over on the new Mythic Curios Facebook page. Here’s the gist of it:

If you “Like” the Mythic Curios FB page and this post between Saturday 12 PM CT (Oct. 19) and Sunday 9 PM CT (Oct. 20), you’ll be entered into a drawing for a custom, one-of-a-kind painting or piece of jewelry of your choice! Click here for more details.

I’ll delete this post once the giveaway’s over, but I wanted to let everyone know about it—I love making art for people, and I’m eager to see who the winner is! :)

a pilgrimage to the sea

a pilgrimage to the sea

I sat on the balcony alone in the early morning, eighteen floors high, and kissed the briny wind as it whipped my mohawk into my eyes and snuck chilly fingers beneath the blanket draped around my shoulders. The roar of the waves filled my flesh with seafoam and salt, licking the pitted sand in time to my heartbeat. The water wore the fog like a sheet kicked to the foot of the bed, covering only the farthest stretches of its roiling, rhythmic body. The sky hid behind the same shade of grey as the mist, not even playful enough to tease me with occasional glimpses of golden light.

I pulled out a tattered paper, on which I had written a rough draft of lyrics during the long car ride the night before. My sister suggested writing a song about Set and Nebt-het, her Father and my Mother, and the words I’d found in response to her challenge were not what I’d expected. I sang them into the wind, voice rusty from sleep, and the waltzy tune fitted the lyrics like a trim suit. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the impression of Set slow-dancing by Himself, the movements exaggerated dramatically, and I laughed.

My Mother strikes me as too practical to dance, but my sister’s Father had no problem keeping me company in the wind and the grey sky while I finished the song. By the time the first person joined me on the balcony, I’d sussed most of the melody out and finished polishing the words. I sang the tune to my sister, and she helped fill in the last holes in the music.

I looked to the ocean, the great and vast Lady Who owns all of my heart, and smiled into the breeze.

together They dance, Storm Lord
and the Lady of Twilight
lithe desert beast and sharp-winged kite
together They dance, Set and Nebt-het
toes on the line between Red Land and Black
toes on the line between Seen and Unseen

a million of music

a million of music

My body speaks, my lips repeat
pure Ihy-music for Hethert.
Music, millions
and hundreds and thousands of it,
Because You love music,
a million of music for Your ka,
In all Your places.

~ King Antef (source: Hathor Rising, A. Roberts)

Personal conjecture: Ihy is Hethert’s (Hathor’s) son, Whose name reflects the jubilation of musical instruments in the sound they produce and in the act of playing them. “Ihy-music” in this may indicate both Ihy, Whose music soothes and pleases His mother, and also, more generally, ecstatic music.