offerings I use (and don’t use) for my gods

offerings I use (and don’t use) for my gods

I always find it fascinating to see what various people offer their various gods. Inevitably, there are some consistent themes or trends; equally inevitably, there are some really unique variations that I never would have expected. (Offering Nebt-het Coca Cola is one of them, oh Kemetic brother of mine!)

As an exercise in sharing–and NOT an implication that my offerings are The Only Right Offerings™–I’m listing some of my primary go-tos (and don’t-dos) here. Remember: what I do has no reflection on what you do, and I don’t compare what I offer to what others offer. Our tastes as Kemetics, and what we can find and afford as humans, vary greatly. I respect that diversity and realize that not everyone has the same privilege to acquire “nice” offerings as others do.


My go-to offerings are cool water, tea, fresh bread if I’ve made some, fresh fruit, and “healthy” little treats like baked coconut chips, dried fruit, tiny chocolates (Andes mints, cherry cordials, chocolate oranges), nuts/trailmix, and some good jerky. Sometimes we get silly and I’ll bring in fruit gummies, Little Debbie’s pastries, and other “junk food” that I can get away with on occasion.

I avoid offering things I can’t or won’t revert: nearly all alcohol, coffee, dark chocolate, soda. (My body is particular about what it wants to digest, so I try not to tax it or waste offerings by not reverting them.)

Nebt-het (Nephthys)

In my experience, Nebt-het really likes blackberry-type drinks and dark chocolates. I’ve given Her blackberry wine when it’s a special occasion, or blackberry tea, or even blackberry Crystal Lite powdered drinks. Dark chocolate is a special treat (that I don’t revert; I don’t like dark chocolate), and She’ll accept a few other kinds of chocolate that I tend to have on-hand more often. She’s also pretty good with fresh fruit like grapes or berries.

I don’t offer Her “bright” food, like citrus, white chocolate, milk, etc.

Hethert-Nut (Hathor the Celestial Cow)

Hethert-Nut is an indulgent sort, and She loves rich things. Chocolate? Oh yes. Fruit? Yep. Fresh bread? Definitely. Any manner of flavorful, rich-to-sweet drinks? Offer ’em up! She also loves flowers and shiny objects.

I don’t offer Her citrus either, though She’ll go for white chocolate, milk, etc. She also doesn’t seem to prefer meat-heavy offerings or really savory treats.

Ma’ahes (Mihos)

Ma’ahes doesn’t often accept food offerings from me. He’ll accept orange-to-red tea most of the time, though, and has accepted chocolate orange slices and some meat offerings (usually venison jerky).

I don’t offer Ma’ahes a lot of overly sweet things; I tend to err on the side of spicy or savory. He’s not normally a fan of candies, though He’s accepting of fruit sometimes.

Serqet (Selkis)

Serqet is REALLY SPECIFIC with Her offerings with me. She likes rich dairy things, like smoothies and milkshakes, and white chocolate, and banana, and decadent soft pastries. Cheesecake, white cake, bread, angel food cake, pound cake–all of it’s good by Her. She’ll accept really light tea, but usually laughs it off unless it’s a bit astringent.

I don’t offer Her particularly meaty things or things with sugar and not much substance (like candies and some crisp pastries). I also don’t offer Her a lot of “dark” sweets, like regular chocolate.


Sekhmet usually has better things to do than critique my offerings, but all the same, I tend to offer a pretty narrow range. I’ve offered Her steak (beef or venison) before, as well as good jerky. I’ve offered Her red wine, red velvet malt, and deep red tea. She’ll usually tolerate chocolates or breads or fruits, though She especially likes cherry cordials. (Of course–it bleeds when you bite it!)

I try to avoid most sweets with Her, and She definitely prefers more intensely flavored drinks than ones I can normally offer and revert. She’s not fond of basically anything that’s bland.


Wepwawet won’t accept food offerings from me. At all. But He’ll accept a particular strong “breakfast” tea, which is our shared Jqltea. (He would prefer coffee, but I don’t drink coffee. This is as close as I can get.)

As for avoiding, He doesn’t like weak or light tea. Also He apparently hates all food. *cough*


The first and foremost thing I offer Sepa is water. Next up is meat (usually spiced jerky) or something heavy, savory, and protein-based. My second food choice is whatever good cheese we might have on-hand. (Read: string cheese. Sorry, Sepa.) Last but not least, fresh heavy bread.

I pointedly don’t offer Him fruits or sweets, though I suspect He’d probably be cordial about accepting if that’s all I had.


Bast gets chocolate. All of the chocolate. She can have a hoard of chocolate with Hethert-Nut, and they can be the Queens of Cacao. Cherry cordials are a hit with Her, as is mint chocolate, and … okay, all the chocolate. She’s also receptive to fruits and breads, and she likes flowers.

…I am a little hard-pressed to think of an offering She’s disliked or asked me to avoid, actually. I think maybe citrus is not Her favorite? But that’s the only thing that comes to mind.


Set gets Slim Jims. (Don’t judge me.) He also gets steak, good jerky, and the occasional offering of bread.

I avoid offering Him red tea; He laughs it off. I also don’t give Him a lot of fruits or sweets.

What do you offer your gods?