Ophidian Workshop

Ophidian Workshop

Loam Ophidian at your service, known elsewhere as Ty or Tenu! I’m an eclectic and folkloric witch, an oddball spirit-worker, a reconstructionist Kemetic, and a far too enthusiastic diviner. I’ve worked with created and conjured beings for over 9 years now, and I’ve been divining for 18+ years with a variety of methods. I am particularly prone to creating my own divination systems, though I’m also well-versed in traditional Tarot. I make extensive use of color symbolism, Western element associations, and realistic animal symbolism in my divination.

Available Services

Snake Oracle Reading (20$)
— General reading or specific question; 1-2 cards; 3 paragraphs minimum per card.

Day Stones Reading (18$)
— Broad topic required, no general readings; “path” reading best suited to topics that involve progression and growth; 2-4 paragraphs.

Eudemonia Dice Reading (15$)
— General reading or broad topic; “wellness” reading highlighting strengths and weaknesses; 1-3 paragraphs.

Mini Reading (5$)
— General reading or specific question; minimally-interpretive reading; choose between bibliomancy, shufflemancy, 1-card Tarot draw, or 1-card Oracle draw.

If you’re interested in a reading, or if you have any questions about any of these reading types, please feel free to email me (loamophidian at gmail dot com) or message me via Discord (username TyBarbary#1753)! I’ll need your email address to send you an invoice via Paypal, and then we’ll get started!

About The Readings

Snake Oracle: This is a 33-card deck of my own design and creation. This system is thorough and honest, good for both general readings or tackling specific questions. It can help illustrate a current situation or relationship in which you find yourself, and it usually has suggestions on how to proceed for a (more) positive outcome. I will draw 1 or 2 cards (based on intuition), explain the snake symbolism to you, and apply that symbolism to your question in detail. In addition, each card gets a blindly-drawn color paired with it, which helps pinpoint the card interpretation.

Day Stones: This lithomantic system is based on a deep set of personal symbolism and includes an indicator for the querent. This method is best for questions about progress: at work, in your career, in your academic life, in your spiritual or magical practice, in your art, etc. This reading will illustrate where you are in relation to certain landmarks or milestones, including ones you’ve recently passed and ones which you’re headed towards. These stones tend to be highly advisory if you need to make a change in trajectory to reach the goals you desire.

Eudemonia Dice: This system is an indirect reading of your energy body and its state of balance (or lack thereof)–the dice themselves reveal where you’re ailing and where you’re thriving. This assessment can be applied as a general reading or in answer to a broad subject you choose, such as interpersonal wellness, magical work, or open questions like “what do I need to know?” or “what should I work on next?”. The reading will include suggestions on how to rebalance your system by using your strengths to supplement what’s ailing.

Mini Readings: These are meant to be quick check-ins on how you’re doing on a particular day or in a particular subject. You can request a general reading or ask a specific question, and you can choose what divination method you’d like me to use. I use a 950+ page book of historical quotations for my bibliomancy, and I have a few different playlists for shufflemancy. If you prefer Tarot or oracle cards, I will choose one of my decks for a one-card draw (and I’ll tell you which deck it is).