PBP Fridays: B is for Belief, Trust, and Faith: Personal Definitions

PBP Fridays: B is for Belief, Trust, and Faith: Personal Definitions

(I would like to note that I wrote this post and scheduled it to post on Friday before I saw that Patheos had done an article with the same bloody title. *facepalm* So, please know that this post is utterly unrelated to that post.)

Belief: A statement that something is true or real, without scientific or objective substantiation, with or without direct personal experience in the realness of the something. It’s a subjective truth within your life and paradigm, but not necessarily solidly factual outside of that. Others may share your beliefs, but you have no verifiable proof that your beliefs are extant within the world outside of you.

Trust: The ability and willingness to implicitly rely upon someone or something. This is an emotional truth, though trust can be couched in intellectual, spiritual, or physical terms. To trust in someone is to be confident that they will not hurt you, even when you are weak or vulnerable or mistaken; to trust in an object is to be confident that it is functional and/or sufficient; to trust in a future event is to feel certain that it will come to pass, even though you have no current evidence.

Faith: The intersection of belief and trust.

Faith requires belief, but belief does not require faith. One can believe in a god without trusting that god; one can believe in an afterlife without trusting that they’ll reach it personally. Faith is not innately religious or spiritual, either. One can believe that their significant other loves them, trust their significant other and rely upon them, and have faith that their relationship will continue indefinitely and remain positive.

Believe it exists. Trust it’s good. And then have faith.

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