PBP Fridays: T is for Ten Things Lists

PBP Fridays: T is for Ten Things Lists

Few years back, I took a course on gratitude mindfulness, and since then, I have used the “ten things” method to bring some perspective to my bad days and foul moods. If I’m feeling terrible, I’ll make an effort–and it is often a real challenge–to list out ten things that make me happy or for which I’m grateful. Sometimes they’re very simple, like “wind” or “Ma’ahes” (those two are on almost every list), but I try to go beyond the “norm” of gratitude (so I don’t wind up listing “being alive” all the time, even though I am definitely thankful to be living!).

This has proven to be an enormously worthwhile exercise, and even if it doesn’t help shift my headspace in the moment, it does remind me that not everything is in the gutter. :)

Today is not a bad day, so instead of giving you a list of ten things that make me happy, how about a list of ten ways in which I am subtly spiritual:

  1. I befriend the traffic lights and elevators that I frequently use. They are gatekeepers.
  2. I watch the clouds. They are my Mothers’ dresses.
  3. I know the color of the sun when it is Ra, when it is Heru (Horus), when it is Heru-Ma’ahes, and when it is Ma’ahes.
  4. I stand in the downpour on my porch to greet Ma’ahes, Who is as much storm as sun to me.
  5. I wear jewelry for my gods on a daily basis. It keeps Them close to me.
  6. I surround myself with color that fills my heart, particularly water-colors (for me) and sunset-oranges (for Ma’ahes). My workspace at the dayjob is not at all greyscale.
  7. I watch the birds, the constant grackles and the migrating flocks that darken the skies. They are fascinating and wonderful in and of themselves, and they help me look up.
  8. I press my palm against tree bark, because it’s one of the most grounding things in the world for me.
  9. I learn from everything that can teach me, including people I know and people I don’t, animals I see and animals I read, and every canny moment I witness.
  10. I live in ma’at. She is my compass.

What would be on your Ten Things list, whether it’s about happiness, gratitude, or spirituality?

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