PBP Fridays: W is for Wepwawet

PBP Fridays: W is for Wepwawet

This will not be an in-depth academic post: for solid and detailed information on Wepwawet, please check out Per-Sabu.org.

Much earlier this year, I made a tentative list of blog post ideas for every letter, and my first W was “Wepwawet?” because, at the time, I hadn’t built a relationship with Him… but past-me hoped that 2013 would change that. Happily, past-me was right.

As I recently wrote, I got to know Wepwawet over a tenday. Depicted as a standing jackal or a jackal-headed man, Wepwawet is the Opener of the Way, in life and in death, in peace and in strife. He is strong and solar, chthonic and liminal, powerful and subtle. I admire Him greatly and no longer restrain myself from offering up adorations and time each day for tea with Him.

Over the course of the tenday with Wepwawet, the first request he made of me, firmly and enthusiastically, was a painting. It was grueling and challenging, and it took far longer than I’d expected, but when it was finished, I was—and am still—pleased with it:

Dua Wepwawet, Lord of the Duat, Opener of the Way!

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