PBP Fridays: Z is for Zep Tepi

PBP Fridays: Z is for Zep Tepi

Zep Tepi is one of those Kemetic concepts that defies easy translation. It means “the first time” or “the first occasion,” and it is one of many cornerstones of the Kemetic Orthodoxy worldview. Zep tepi is that first moment of Creation, where everything is new and pure and flawless, before isfet and Ap-p and death entered the picture. I adore this post about zep tepi, and while I doubt I can say it better than that author, I can’t not write about it, even if I’m hard-pressed to add worthwhile words atop those already said.

Zep tepi is the dawn of each new day with a blank slate. It is, in fact, the dawn of each new hour, minute, and heartbeat, all clean and clear and fresh. When the calendrical new year begins and people look to the unstained canvas of the seasons with hope, that is zep tepi. The flush of excitement and curiosity and newness at the start of a new relationship, when cynicism and jadedness are briefly forgotten in the tingling joy of novelty and possibility, is zep tepi. The beginning of each ritual with clean hands and an attentive heart returns us to zep tepi, as in the Kemetic Orthodox rite of senut.

I’ll offer this excellent closer from this post:

The candle you light always has the potential to be the First Light, because the First Light is why there is a candle. The incense you burn always has the potential to be the breath of the gods, because the breath of the gods is why there is incense. These are ever-present, ever-available, there is no falling away and being lost from the possibility of clarity because clarity is wound-through and a part of every moment of living, if you just know to reach for it.

This is the Original Sinlessness.

You inherited it.

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