PBP Fridays: F is for Fedw

PBP Fridays: F is for Fedw

Fedw is the official divination system of Kemetic Orthodoxy, restricted to those who have undertaken the Shemsu oaths. The name “fedw” means “four” in Kemetic, as it uses four sticks for divination. (Note: While sticks are the most common fedw tools, anything two-sided can work, including coins. Some Kemetics have even made dice work.)

While I am oathbound about the mechanics of fedw, I wanted to share a brief overview of what it is and isn’t, and what it can and can’t do.

Fedw is not interpretive. It’s not similar to Tarot, where I can draw a combination of cards and interpret and/or intuit their individual and combined meanings. Fedw is much more direct, with very limited room for interpretation.

Fedw is primarily for yes/no questions, not for subtle or complex situations. In addition to that simplicity, there are certain topics and types of questions that are not suitable for fedw, including medical questions (ask a doctor, not an oracle!), legal questions (ask a lawyer, not an oracle!), and any question with the word “should.” (If a querent asks “should I…?”, the diviner will recommend the querent rethink and rephrase the question to be more specific and clear. “Is it in my best interests to…?” is an example of acceptable rephrasing.)

Fedw only asks questions of the diviner’s Parent deities. Since all Shemsu have undergone the Rite of Parent Divination, we all have one or two Parent deities, and we can only ask questions of Them. For myself, this means I can only query Nebt-het (Nephthys) or Hethert-Nut (Hathor-Nuit)—though, in certain instances, I can ask Them about another deity.

Fedw will not answer loaded questions. If the querent already knows the answer, or if the querent is trying to phrase the question in order to get a certain answer they want to hear, fedw will not work.

Fedw will not permit repeated questions. This is true of more than just fedw, in my experience, but it must be clearly stated that asking a fedw diviner the same question twice will not work. Asking a question of one diviner, then going to a different diviner with the same question, also will not work.

Fedw is not a party trick. While fedw will not answer serious medical or legal questions, it is still a system that is not to be used for frivolous questions or to “test” the accuracy or the divination (see loaded questions above).

Fedw is always free to everyone. Fedw is, at its heart, a community service, provided by diviners to let querents and Netjer communicate in a simple, pre-determined structure. Shemsu are not permitted to charge money for divining with fedw, though they may charge a fee for non-fedw divinations. Relatedly, anyone may ask for a fedw divination—one does not have to be Kemetic Orthodoxy, or even Kemetic, as far as I know.

(To answer the likely question that follows that statement: Yes, if you are interested in a fedw divination, I can help. Email me at itenumuti at gmail dot com and we can discuss.)

To sum up, fedw is a non-interpretive divination system using four sticks to ask the diviner’s Parent(s) on behalf of the querent. It’s great for straightforward yes/no questions and will not work with complex or loaded questions.

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