a turning, a revolution

a turning, a revolution

On this, the first day of my personal new year, I celebrate living my life as my own self.

Thank You, Nebt-het, for teaching me deep compassion and for entrusting me with Your loving faith.

Thank You, Hethert-Nut, for teaching me unconditional love and for showering me with creativity.

Thank You, Ma’ahes, for teaching me unconditional trust and for always being there as soon as I look.

Thank You, Serqet, for teaching me poison management and for lending me Your impenetrable skin.

Thank You, Sekhmet, for teaching me raw strength and for leading me here, to Netjer, to Kemet.

Thank you, my akhu, for teaching me appreciation of family and for giving me life through your blood.

In addition to my divine and human family…

Thank You, Wepwawet, for teaching me how to open ways and for being so heartfully interactive.

Thank You, Bast, for teaching me how to find the sun and for being so firmly persistent.

Thank You, Set, for teaching me about beneficial chaos and for being so congenial.

Thank You, Heru-wer, for teaching me how to distinguish need from want and for helping my loved ones.

Thank You, Ptah, for teaching me to value good work and for being the unofficial patron of this house.

Thank You, Sepa, for teaching me a sense of duty and for sponsoring my Obscure Gods project.

Dua Netjer for another year on this Earth! Nekhtet!