the Feast of Heka

the Feast of Heka

Now I am Heka. What I said was good, and what came forth from My mouth was good, and what I now say, the same shall be performed, for I am Heka.

~ Coffin Texts, Utterance 325

Today is a feast for Heka, the god Who is the manifestation of heka, the innate quasi-magical power of authoritative speech. It is a very good day to ponder which words come from your mouth and fingers, what impact those words might have, and what power your own voice holds to effect change in your life and this world.

And, since it is a feasting holiday, I would encourage you to also contemplate what you are feeding the mouth that is the conduit for such influence that your words hold.

To Heka, I offer all good and pure things, may they please and nourish You. As You are fed and strengthened, so my own heka is fed and strengthened; as I feed and strengthen my own heka, so You are fed and strengthened.