PBP Fridays: U is for Utterances

PBP Fridays: U is for Utterances

You are the daughter, mighty in her mother1!

Hail to you, daughter of Anubis, who is at the windows of the sky,
the companion of Thoth, who is at the uprights of the ladder!
Open my way that I may pass.2

I am Satis who takes possession of the Two Lands, the Burning One who receives her two shores;
I have gone up to the sky and found Ra standing that I might meet him;
I will seat myself beside him, and Ra will not permit that I put myself on the ground,
for he knows that I am greater than he.3

Hail to you, Great Flood, butler of the gods, leader of the sun-folk!
Make the gods gracious to me that they may make me flourishing,
love me, and make me hale.4

I have inundated the land which came forth from the lake,
I have torn out the papyrus-plant,
I have satisfied the Two Lands, I have united the Two Lands,
I have joined my mother the Great Wild Cow.5

O Great One who came into being in the sky,
you have achieved power, you have achieved strength,
and have filled every place with your beauty;
the entire land is yours. Take possession of it,
for you have enclosed the earth and all things within your embrace.6

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Source: The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, Raymond Faulkner.

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