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PBP Fridays: B is for A Prayer to Bast

PBP Fridays: B is for A Prayer to Bast

hail and praise to You, Bast,
most glorious one,
Who rises as gold
and shines upon our faces!

You are the beauty of the dawn
and the burning of midday;
Your eyes are lanterns
and Your claws curling flames.

I see You in richness,
in silk and scent and smoke,
in the color of solar metal
coiling like incense in the wind.

hail and praise to You, Bast,
Lady of Splendor,
Mistress of Heaven,
Who drives away the darkness!

purify my mind of shadow;
purify my ka of isfet;
purify my body of sickness;
purify my heart of weakness.

I see You in Your incandescence,
a boiling sun radiating power;
I see You in Your reflection,
a smile in cool, still water.

hail and praise to You, Bast,
fearsome Devouring Lady,
Who bestows upon us sight
and excises from us ignorance!

This post brought to you by the Pagan Blog Project.

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a note of gratitude

a note of gratitude

Today there is sun and warmth, and I spent a little bit of time in it, with Bast.

Thank You, Lady of Light, for leading me to where my heart can drink in the earth and the sky in equal measures. Thank You, Bast, Who Rises As Gold, for bringing brightness into the secret rooms of my ka and opening up my closed spaces. Thank You, Mistress of Splendor, for shining upon me as You shine upon so many of my loved ones.

Dua Bast!

a prayer to Bast (my very first)

a prayer to Bast (my very first)

long form

Hail Bast, Lady of the East,
Invisible Paw, Giving All Life.

May I hold infinite patience within my head
and endless compassion within my heart
as I live alongside Your children,
who are not the least of what is Yours,
though they are the smallest.

May I slow down.
May I remember to breathe.
May I treasure each moment,
each touch of fur,
each eager purr,
each sleeping face.

May I always know that it is I
who must hold the space
and provide the structure
that allows them to thrive.
May I always act mindfully
and with gentleness.

May I remember my heart-held duty
as caretaker, as caregiver,
to these who are part of my family,
and may I treat them with the same grace and love
with which You treat Your children,
human and feline alike.

short form

May I love my cats as Bast loves Her children.
May I care for my cats as Bast cares for Her children.