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PBP Fridays: U is for Utterances

PBP Fridays: U is for Utterances

You are the daughter, mighty in her mother1!

Hail to you, daughter of Anubis, who is at the windows of the sky,
the companion of Thoth, who is at the uprights of the ladder!
Open my way that I may pass.2

I am Satis who takes possession of the Two Lands, the Burning One who receives her two shores;
I have gone up to the sky and found Ra standing that I might meet him;
I will seat myself beside him, and Ra will not permit that I put myself on the ground,
for he knows that I am greater than he.3

Hail to you, Great Flood, butler of the gods, leader of the sun-folk!
Make the gods gracious to me that they may make me flourishing,
love me, and make me hale.4

I have inundated the land which came forth from the lake,
I have torn out the papyrus-plant,
I have satisfied the Two Lands, I have united the Two Lands,
I have joined my mother the Great Wild Cow.5

O Great One who came into being in the sky,
you have achieved power, you have achieved strength,
and have filled every place with your beauty;
the entire land is yours. Take possession of it,
for you have enclosed the earth and all things within your embrace.6

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6 Utterance 432

Source: The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, Raymond Faulkner.

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on Nut’s birthday

on Nut’s birthday

Hail, Nut!
Lady of Heaven,
She Who stretches over the world
and welcomes the blessed dead
as stars into Her skin.

Hail, Nut!
Glorious One,
She Who consumes Her son, the sun,
and gives birth to Him again
each and every dawn.

Hail, Nut!
Beautiful of Face,
She Who gives us the blessings
of balance, of patience, and of hope
in this Her year.

Dua Nut!

Happy Wep Ronpet!

Happy Wep Ronpet!

At my (non-Kemetic) partner’s urging, I woke up very early this morning to find that he had made two snake-shaped sweet potato pancakes to be ceremonially slain and nommed destroyed. We did this last year, too – it symbolizes the Uncreated One, Ap-p (Apophis), being defeated and disempowered in the new year.

My partner said, and I quote, “Isfet has never tasted so good.” I laughed very hard at that, and agreed.

I lit a candle, said the sunrise prayer at, um, some time significantly later than sunrise, and painted my new altar shelf. I’d spent last night taking everything down, cleaning it, and reorganizing it, and while I am not 100% done (I’ll be adding another tiny shelf for Set, Heru-wer, and the Jackal soon), I’m very pleased with how the space works right now. New shrine pictures will come in a following post, once the paint on the shelf dries!

I also made a new year’s sigil for Nut/Hethert-Nut, Whose year this is. The pale blue central sigil is Balance; the corner golden one is Hope. And the stars are Hers.

Preliminary Thoughts on Year 20

Preliminary Thoughts on Year 20

My initial thoughts on the Year 20 oracle.

… see the blue of the Great Flood …

Nut -> Mehet-Weret (The Great Flood) -> Hethert-Nut. For me, this is my Mama’s year. =3

The year is about Balance, and Hope, both of which require attention, commitment, and patience. It calls us to remain constant, steady, sure, just as the sky goddess Who oversees and embraces us all.

Consistency has always been a huge weakness in me. But I have created, this past Ptah-year, a greater consistency in many areas in my life than ever before. Even if some of them fell by the wayside eventually, they still paved an easier path between synapses for my next efforts to flow down. I know that I can do more now than a year ago. And I know how to do it. I am growing. I will keep growing.

Balance. Hope. Patience. Consistency.

Patience and consistency in getting finances under control and growing them appropriately; likewise with thriving in the workplace and ensuring my needs are being met in pragmatic matters; likewise with tending my body with nutrients and movement.

Balance and consistency in doing the work of becoming a better person, in my ways, to my standards alone; likewise with spending more time with my gods.

Patience and hope in forging through self-therapy and working through SAD this winter and, for lack of a better term, trauma.

Balance and hope in maintaining my creativity and expanding my crafts as my heart desires.

There is so much more to explore here, but this will do for a start. :)

Dua Nut! Dua Hethert-Nut!

PBP Fridays: N is for the Circle of N (Nebt-het, Nut, the Nun, and Nit)

PBP Fridays: N is for the Circle of N (Nebt-het, Nut, the Nun, and Nit)

The Circle of N

Nebt-het, She Who Borders The Sea
which was once all that existed
as the Nun, primordial ocean
which is deified as, among other Names,
Nit, the Creatrix, all-gendered
Who begat all the world
and can take the form of
the Celestial Cow
which is Nut, the starry heavens,
the uplifted sky arched over
Her lover the earth;

and this enormous divine cow
is also the goddess The Great Flood
and is a form of not only Nut
but also Nit
Who is likewise a form of Nebt-het
and is also the Nun personified;

and so we come full circle,
the proto-ocean Nun
into the creatrix Nit
into the Lady of the House, Nebt-het,
and that House is the sky, Nut.

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for Nut

for Nut

I am underlit
with stars
and the wind cools My bare throat
as I bend
and put the world to My belly
with just enough space
between us
to breathe