mundane ma’at

mundane ma’at

Sometimes the most sacred thing I can do is take care of my home and my family.

I serve with my hands and my feet, my mouth and my mind. I serve with vacuum and skillet and incense and embrace. I won’t make it into shrine tonight, but I have taken care of my partner, who has the flu, and I have taken care of our home. I have taken care of all of our animals.

And in sitting still for a little while, eating blueberries and listening to Scottish music, I am taking care of myself.

Sometimes I forget that pushing myself beyond my limits in an effort to do All The Things is not ma’at. It is not desired nor requested by my spirituality or my gods. Burnout is not the goal.

Ma’at is, in part, balance. Restoring my house to cleanliness and health is restoring ma’at, and that is my worship today.

It is enough. I am enough. Nebt-het taught me that. I am not as unworthy or insufficient as I so often feel.

Dua Netjer! Help me recognize and honor ma’at in the mundane Seen world.