Serving Sekhmet

Serving Sekhmet

Disclaimer: This entire post is pretty heavy on UPG and personal views of Sekhmet. What’s valid for me may not be valid for anyone else, especially in terms of offerings and whatnot!

A few weeks ago, I came across this post about active/passive service to the gods, which set my wheels a-turnin’. Having finished a dedicated tenday to Sekhmet last week, I’ve been thinking especially how the idea of active service applies to Her. Of all my gods, She is the one Who would be most expectant of a proactive devotee, one who didn’t wait for Her instructions but thought and acted on their own.

In the past, I have been a very passive devotee, clingy and uncertain, unsure of what to offer to Her in either action or item, unconvinced that I could satisfy Her with anything I did or gave. While I’d be lying if I said I never relapsed to anxiety, nowadays I am much better at being a stable and self-strong worshipper. And in an effort to continue that positive trend, I made a list of what I could offer Sekhmet without needing Her explicit direction.


  • red alcohol
  • red meat
  • devotions (praise, songs, poetry, etc)

discrete acts of honor/service

  • martial arts
  • physical exercise, especially strength-training
  • certain forms of healing: expelling poisons, excising wounds, Shadow-healing
  • hekau, especially execrations and protective heka
  • certain kinds of energywork, especially for overall health and power

ongoing acts of honor/service

  • fighting isfet and promoting ma’at
  • establishing and protecting sacred space
  • serving the king (as the Eye of Ra is all about protecting the king)
  • transforming rage to joy, violence to celebration (as Sekhmet is pacified and becomes Hethert)

After writing the original list and now sorting it into the three categories, I understand a bit more of why I’ve felt flaily in the past—without a lot of in-shrine offerings available to me, I’ve been a little rootless. Most of what I have done and can do for Sekhmet is done in the middle of life or in gi pants outside of shrine.

That suits Her, I think. She doesn’t spend a lot of time in temples, either.