the call of the Eye of Ra

the call of the Eye of Ra

Today, III Peret 7, marks the festival of “The Eye of Ra calls the Shemsu.”

Shemsu is a specific term for some members of Kemetic Orthodoxy; it means that one has joined the House and sworn to uphold one’s divined Kemetic gods above any other path. In antiquity, it meant “follower” and referred to a member of the Kemetic royal court who had sworn to serve the nation by following the royal household. [source]

Whether a member of Kemetic Orthodoxy or not, whether a Shemsu in the House or not, today provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the call of the Eye. Why do you follow a Kemetic path?

For myself, this is a day to meditate on Sekhmet, my Red Lady, the Eye of Ra Who brought me here. I may have chosen Her deliberately in my youth, but She has since set me on a road that She has designed, and I could not have possibly foreseen where I’d be after eight years in the Lioness’s fiery wake.

Tomorrow marks my first full year as a Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu. (How’s that for good timing?) To be honest, very little is different for me as a sworn Shemsu from how I’d been before, but I can see the spiraling path and how I’ve changed and evolved with every passing season. I am a follower of my gods, Whom I praise and adore; I am a participant in my community, which I support and contribute to.

Today, I offer up my gratitude to Sekhmet for accepting a doormat’s plea for strength and turning it into a Shemsu over the course of years. Today, I offer up my love for my gods, my brethren, and the path I’ve chosen to walk. Today, I sing the song of ritual and offer flame and smoke in joy.