thoughts on love

thoughts on love

I attended a discussion on this year’s oracle tonight, and I want to mark down and expand upon some of my thoughts.

Do you not understand how much you are loved?

This is the first sentence to my favorite part of the oracle, and the paragraph that resonates most deeply with me each time I read it. This is a reminder to those who have forgotten they’re loved–and a challenge to those who will not or cannot believe they’re loved. This is the fierce love of Netjer, the insistent love, the love that exists whether or not it is acknowledged or accepted. This is the love that our prayers call on, the love that shelters and soothes even when it is invisible to every eye.

Creation is the love of the creators for the created.

When I was but a wee little Wiccan, one of my favorite modern-born creation ideas was that Divinity created the universe and everything in it in order to experience creation, to experience life. The associated idea was that we are all God and Goddess, because we are all little pieces of the huge infinity of Divinity, experiencing life on behalf of the universe itself.

This line reminds me of that idea. This line makes me think of Netjer, Who loves so powerfully that creation came about just to house and embody that love. Love is the hand holding the cookie cutter, that presses unique shapes out of something homogenous and flat. We are all alive in order to experience love, in order to receive love, in ways that are just slightly different and wonderful in that diversity.

See to it that love continues. It is left to you to tend this work. We cannot do it for you alone. You too must serve.

You too must serve.

One of the reasons I love Kemeticism is because our gods are not all-powerful and all-knowing. Our gods are pretty big, but They are not infallible and omnipotent. They need us to help Them uphold ma’at and suppress isfet. This work that maintains the balance and rightness of all of creation is not something that only gods do; we do it, too, in our own myriad ways.

Likewise, this love that Netjer bears for us is not solely for Them to give. They can’t do everything for us; it’s a relationship, not divine servitude. We have to do the work, too. We have to open our hands, open our hearts, and extend love to one another. We have to reach out and form community, family, tribe. We have to hold the space for each other and make it safe so we can be vulnerable and real and raw with each other.

And this is important to me in particular: Just as Netjer can’t do it all for us, so we cannot do everything for each other. Each of us participates. Each of us chooses to be here, a choice that most of us make again and again from moment to moment. I cannot live for anyone else, and I cannot expect anyone – human or god – to live my life for me. It’s mine. I give ma’at and receive ma’at. I give support and receive support. I give love and receive love.

Open yourselves, open your hearts, and accept the help that others will give. None of you are alone.